A Flash of Intuition

It all started with the traffic/weather report on the way to work one morning. Out of habit (and necessity), I tuned in to Sirius’ L.A. offering. As soon as I realized that there were thankfully no accidents and was about to click the ‘media’ button and lose myself in Jay Z or Kanye (been listening heavily to both lately), I heard it: A motorcyclist had lost his life on some highway, and traffic was backed up as a result.

It reminded me that even the seemingly tiniest action can have powerful repercussions.  This poor motorcyclist was utterly unknown to me, but a family was now grieving over the loss of their loved one. We’ve become so numb to an increasingly grim and dour news cycle, that I realized I usually go about my business without giving that momentary pang of empathy much further thought. But here, I did think further, to how awful it would be if it were someone I loved.

About how we’re all more connected than any of us fully realizes on any given day. And that even though we know that connection is truth — we don’t really, truly pay attention to it as often as we perhaps should.

So many things that connect us. From the crudest: we all eat; we all drink; we all fuck; we all hate; we all plot; we all scheme; we all lie… To the single most unifying thing; the most powerful force I’ve ever known — we all love. We all dream. We all hope. We all wish. We all search. We all learn. We all live.

And then, all of us, we eventually die.  The shared human experience.  Way more in common, than not. Something to keep in mind…