Can’t Sleep

The irony that it’s 4/20 is not lost on me.

Can’t sleep.

Or maybe it’s I won’t. Too many intriguing thoughts. The mind does play tricks on you — and that’s kinda the dope part.

This is what happens when you indulge and spark a buzz on the abstract. It makes your thoughts feel bigger. Realer.

That buzz off the abstract. I choose not to sleep I guess, ‘cause if I tried I wouldn’t, and so I can’t. Cheshire Cat logic for your ass. Or Dr. Seuss. Either way, I win.

I’ve always been into people. I mean, people are fucking fascinating. Watching them. Especially if you get to observe them in different circumstances; surroundings. It’s insane. That’s better than any “reality” TV, film or series you will ever watch. (Except for maybe “Veep”). Just crazy how people — we — are.

You included. And you, around them. Interacting with them. Allowing them to either bring out the worst in you — or not giving two fucks and just being you.

People are interesting, man. The idiosyncrasies. The quirks. The energies. All mingling together. You look around and wonder — “how did I even end up here?”

All the stars, planets — the universe and the Force flowing through it — were in harmony and somehow brought you to this moment where you can observe. See how people look at you; interact with you; speak to you.

To each other. The quirks. Those lovely fucking quirks. Watching it, and often hearing it from the peripheral — you hear, quite clearly, those who talk their shit. And sometimes it’s some crazy ass, nasty shit that you overhear.

But you’re so in tune with you that you tune it out. Unless it’s blatant, in your face — and most people are too chicken shit to do that — you have no problem brushing that dirt off your shoulders — you feel me?

This is how I speak. Am speaking. In this moment. When I’m not around the kiddos.

But they’ll most likely see this shit one day. And then they’ll know.

People are incredibly fascinating to most of us but I can’t seem to get enough of them. And then they get some alcohol in them and there’s a whole new set of…

…yup. Quirks. Gotta love those quirks. This is raw, buzzed, unedited (maybe just a teensy bit) zany (ha) thinking on my part at 2-oh-something in the morning; Los Angeles, CA.

This is truth, as it currently stands. Quirks.