Full of It

People are full of shit. As a species, we are all guilty of saying one thing while thinking the complete opposite. Or, saying something and genuinely wanting it to be true, but then flaking out at the last minute.

Or, repeatedly saying, “sure, I’ll be there” and then literally coming up with one excuse after another why you can’t, actually, be there.

Take your excuses and go fuck yourself. And feel free to say the same to me when I’m guilty of being full of shit.

But I’ve been trying lately to not be full of it; to be as authentic as I can be without pissing anyone off (and that includes me.)

It’s certainly about balance. All of it.

But spare me your patronizing, “oh, talk your shit but I’ll show up this time” straw man fuckery and just shut the fuck up. I don’t care, anymore, whether you show up or not. I’m done wasting my energy on you.

Period. Exclamation mark. But please don’t ever tell me you aren’t full of shit, ‘cause we both know, we all are.