Inner Dialogue

I have conversations with myself all the time. All. The. Time.  Maybe it’s part of ‘only child syndrome’ or ‘OCS.’ Watch, there’ll probably be a commercial for that shit one day…


So this conversation had to do with how to introduce myself — which of my stuff to publish first. Oh, the pressure. The fear, if I allow my thoughts to travel the dark and twisty paths that help fuel it…

But what am I afraid of? Failure?

Not trying scares me more.

Sneering, jeering criticism?

Been there. It could be worse.


Don’t think so. Bring it.

Then what?

It’s the letting down of the guard.  Because the stuff I share has to be as authentic as I can manage it, otherwise it isn’t me, and it won’t resonate. We’re so wrapped up in the phony, we forget what it’s like to be real.

And that level of rawness; essentially making yourself vulnerable to, whatever…is a bit scary, yeah. But that’s no reason not to try. And really? At the end of the day, you have to do what you love. And to hell with all the rest.