I shoulda listened to her when she told me stop at one;

I didn’t listen to her, and instead I had some fun.

I listened to the other side; the dark side of my force;

I shoulda thought much better and done better, but of course…

I didn’t.

I shoulda listened to her when she told me this was wrong;

Instead I listened to Messrs. Padfoot, Moony and Prongs.

Which, knowing that the costs would not outweigh the prank at hand;

I shoulda listened anyway — it didn’t go as planned.

But I didn’t.

The Sasha Fierce inside me who has mischief in her heart;

Appreciates the humor, thrill; the joy of taking part;

I say my grin is like that of the Cheshire Cat because;

No one’s as smart and mischief-loving as those purple paws.


But ego though.

I shoulda, coulda woulda with a lot throughout my life;

It’s helped my focus loads that I’m a mother and a wife;

With this much love surrounding me; with blessings all around;

My humble, grateful, hopeful girl — she mostly wears the crown.

But life’s no fun — and what’s the point? — if you should forget;

The voice that whispers naughty things and always takes the bet;

“I shoulda listened to her” — you don’t want to have to say.

But life is more worth living if you don’t forget to play.