Strive and Thrive

Father’s Day. Sigh. I feel like I’ve been put through the wringer. Seriously. These last 9 months have been some of the most challenging on record. I mean…

But see, I say that, and I’m immediately contrite. I am SO grateful for my blessings, you see. Very much so. And I realize just how much worse it can be. And that’s very true. And some of the world’s suffering flits through my mind like worn, frayed film; images I’ve both seen and captured/edited — and ones I’ve created myself.

All relevant. All poignant. All a reminder of life’s evils. But they have to flit because they must, always, be immediately replaced by the images of truth, laughter and life’s joy. Love.

Otherwise it’s too dark. No balance. And you have to keep in mind, always, what it is you’re striving for. Often fighting for. These are some crazy ass motherfucking times we’re living in. People getting murdered — on camera —  in cold blood by killers with badges. And so far, being allowed to get away with it. How’s that right?

It’s NOT.

And so you have to push through. Live to fight another day, and while living, try to do it at 100%. Talk about a challenge. That shit is hard.

It can consume and overwhelm you, if you allow it. You’re striving so hard to get what/where you want that you’re literally not stopping to smell the roses…

I often stop and smell the roses in my grandmother’s garden. Like, for real.

She planted them, and she must have done it with a lot of love or something, ‘cause these are some of the most beautiful and wonderfully fragrant roses, ever.

Life’s hard, but you keep in mind those that you love; adore — life and death stuff kinda love — and not only tell them — but show them how to walk the talk.

Such a challenge. I mean…

But you keep at it. And you fail, as you must at times. And sometimes you succeed. Just keep modeling how to strive to be your best.

While remaining human. Humane. The humanity…


Staying focused on your passions — whatever makes your heart hum — but allowing yourself to just be…sometimes; and be mindful of the laughter.

So you stay the course. Feeling sometimes like you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing…but telling yourself that at least you love them babies and your family — and they love you back. So, there’s that.

They are worth fighting for. And also your peoples. Your communities. Your networks…

Your world.

So happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, striving — while thriving — to be examples of smart, funny, capable, romantic, sexy, tolerant, compassionate, and above all  — loving — parents.

To all of us striving to be better than we are and set the example, I salute you.