The Dark Side

Which is often, the fun side. The hot, sweaty, fuck me, side of life.

The happily married, I-want-to-grow-old-with-you while-still-learning-all-I-can-about-the-variances-of navigating-the-desire-to-be-desired-by-the-many-vs.-the-one, type of side.

The darkness which dims the lights down low juuust enough, to where the light still motherfucking shines, type of side.

The give no fucks, I’ma keep it real, the truth sometimes hurts, type of side.

The side that always comes with your order – no matter what it is you choose – type of side.

That, side.

The make you wet, sigh, more, yum, pleeaaase, type of side.

You know…that side.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned thus far in life, is that there is no life, without that type of side…

Cheers, y’all.